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PTFE antiseptic equipment
Author:admin   Release date:2018-4-9 16:40:01

PTFE  antiseptic equipment(Tower section 、container、 tank)

1.Our company owns adult equal-pressure method and hot-melt welding method.We can customize all types of lining F4 antisepsis equipments and make antisepsis linings by PO,PP,PE rotational moulding method.Both vertical and horizontal are ok.Branch lubes can be made at any places.Branch tubes are 10mm;

2.The lining F4 thickness is generally 2-10mm;PO、PP ling thickness is 3-10mm,wire lining can be added.Negative pressure resistance:-0.9mpa.

3.Lining of ends and body can be separate or integrative.

4.The equipment inside steel wall should be glabrous.Equipment flanging angle R is 6-10mm;branch tube flanging angle R is 3-5mm.

5.The old porcelain enamel can be used after add F4、PO、PP、PE lining.