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SF-1B Bronze bearing
Author:admin   Release date:2018-4-9 15:19:40

    It make the tin bronze as the base, sinters bronze spherical powder in the middle , and rolls modification of PTFE on the surface. It has a high degree of safety, it is specially suitable for the situation of in repair of continuous work without stopping place s and places of high temperature cannot refuel. It is now widely used in metallurgy, iron and steel industry, continuous caster for square billet rolling road, high temperature furnace equipment, cement grout on the pump and screw conveyor. It can be combined in an external steel sleeve, and also can be made into flanging to reach the effects of the surface and bore friction together. The bearing pads of bridge is using the SF-1B Wear-resistant layer thickening products to instead the virgin PTFE plate to reach the Bearing load requirements of 130N/mm2.